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Its fine that I can use a SQLLDR to load that data in to the emp table but it nay be the case when some of the fields are swapped/reshuffled so...the first flat file I may get empno,ename,mgr,sal..in second it may be empno,sal,ename....(ofcourse this will be stated in the description file everytime the flat file comes).In this case do I have another alternative except from reading the description file then dynamically making the ctl file for the loader and then doing the stuff. (Original post) There is a description file(.doc) which comes along with that flat file describing the positions and lengths of the fields. (Followup:)You would be creating a control file to load the data -- each time. I started out covering Glasgow City Council, then moved to Holyrood in 2004.Since then half the councillors seem to have followed me.Tom's Planner is de oplossing voor uw probleem, het is eenvoudig in gebruik, efficiënt en zelfs leuk om mee te plannen.

In Tom’s Planner it’s pretty easy to keep your chart up to date with changes in your project manually.How can I load the object without problems with sqlldr?Thanks.- March 22, 2004 - pm UTC TRAILING NULLCOLS (LLL_ID SEQUENCE(MAX,1), LLL_NOMBRE, LLL_LOGINID, LLL_SKILL, filler_1 filler, LLL_SINCE column object ( hhmmss ), filler_2 filler, LLL_TILL column object ( hhmmss ), LLL_INITIALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy', LLL_FINALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy') That was just as cool as simple.= 'Customer') FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' TRAILING NULLCOLS (LLL_ID SEQUENCE(MAX,1), LLL_NOMBRE, LLL_LOGINID, LLL_SKILL, filler_1 filler, LLL_SINCE EXPRESSION "hour(:lll_since)", filler_2 filler, LLL_TILL EXPRESSION "hour(:lll_till)", LLL_INITIALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy', LLL_FINALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy') ******************************************************** On running, i'm getting (e.g.): Registro 2: Rejected - Error on table CLUCENT_LOGIN_LOGOUT.ORA-01008: not all variables bound ******************************************************** I know it's just not a sqlldr problem but a wrong approach im using with objects, however I have solutions in pl/sql but not here.

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