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Start by asking the person about it when you interview her.

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That may or may not lead to any further light being shed on the situation, but it can make it more likely. I went part-time but my boss acts like I’m still full-time I recently went back to school, but was able to become a contractor at my company where I had previously been salaried.My reasoning is to leave the forwarding chain below just in case the recipient of my message wants to understand context/doesn’t get my request or my request carries more weight if the recipient can see that my superiors are asking for whatever it is.The problem is, my current boss has chastised me for doing this, because a couple of times she has, far down in the email chain, said something she is embarrassed about or talked about someone.Should I interview this person, or should I point out the inconsistency to the hiring manager, or contact HR, or …?There is a possibility that I simply do not remember the person, so should I reach out to people at the previous company and ask whether they remember this person?

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