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As Shiner asks for the team's assistance in a stakeout operation, Ventress' shady past comes back to haunt him when he arrests a reformed criminal's son for driving without a licence.

Meanwhile, Vernon appoints himself as manager of a naive trainee boxer after Tricia encourages an out-of-condition David to join the gym.

Wright Blaketon is starstruck when a cricketing legend checks in at the pub, but looks set to have his illusions shattered when Mike investigates an armed robbery at a jewellers when the robber is the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Guest cast: Ciarán Griffiths, Sophia Myles, Kate Mc Loughlin, Ben de Sausmarez, Anne O'Brien, Gabrielle Cowburn, Jerome J.Meanwhile, David takes charge of the taxi firm whilst Vernon is pre-occupied with yet another disastrous scheme, and deals with sick children, snakes - and shoplifting OAP's!Guest cast: Stuart Farrell, Roger Griffiths, Tom Goodman-Hill, Madaleine Moffatt First Appearance of Ryan Early as PC Tom Nicholson A series of crimes lead to a local nursing home, and Blaketon is asked to investigate the owner of the home by the son of a former patient when his mother and a number of residents die after leaving the owner everything in their will.Guest cast: Kate Rutter, Frankie Hough, Robert Swann, James Weaver, Andy Linden, Neil Jackson, David Robertson First Appearance of Duncan Bell as Sgt Dennis Merton Mike and Ventress are convinced something ghastly is afoot when a long-buried farming feud becomes linked to a series of violent crimes, and both sides are united in their reluctance to involve the constabulary.Meanwhile, Joyce Jowett poses a threat to another of Vernon's madcap schemes when he tries to open up a cinema in the village. Tricia suspects the Colonel's money-driven son as he is intent on whisking his father off to a retirement home and taking over his estate, whilst Gina starts acting like Aidensfield's answer to Mata Hari when Blaketon becomes wary of a guest at the pub.

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