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Imagine your new man is your roommate, because that's what he will be if you marry him.3.

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Do you know how you interact with each other's friends and families? You know when you and your new best friend at the office are having an amazing time hanging out on your lunch breaks and cracking each other up during after-work happy hours and then one of you suddenly needs a place to live and you decide to become roommates and realize that you can't stand each other?

And do you know that you see yourselves in a similar place, five, ten, and fifty years down the road? Now imagine doing this with the person you just started dating.

Imagine that you're finding his underwear on the bathroom floor every morning and he's cleaning up after your dirty dishes every night. And lust, while a great jumping off point for love, isn't love and isn't the stuff that long-term relationships are made of.

Marrying someone you hardly know means you will not be one of those boring newlywed couples. The newlywed couple that goes at it every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

You will be that newlywed couple that people will avert their eyes from and barf in their mouths over. Because most smitten couples are that way during the first year, regardless of whether they're married or not. There are no guarantees, regardless of how long you date someone.

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