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Jason and Courtney grew closer, but tried to fight their attraction until they discovered that A. tried to get Courtney back and even got a job from Ned at ELQ, but Courtney had already moved on with Jason. Thinking he finally had Sonny where he wanted him, A. When his mother called Courtney trash and slapped her, A.

managed to tell Michael what Sonny did for a living, Sonny retaliated by taking A. to the Oasis and showing him what his wife was up to.

blamed Jason for his situation with Courtney, so A. retaliated by trying to frame Jason for Luis Alcazar's murder.

enlisted Skye's help; she had her own fish to fry: Brenda.

Edward threatened to cut-off access to the Quartermaine fortune if A. didn't keep trying to regain custody of Michael, A. refused to use Courtney, so Edward followed through on the threat.

tried to live on the straight-and-narrow, but Sonny had ordered Jason to keep an eye on Courtney.

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