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After graduating from Junior High, Kyouko Mogami follows her childhood friend Shou to Tokyo to help him pursue his dream of being an idol.

Although Shou doesn't help her at all and even mistreats her, Kyouko still believes that all her efforts (working several part-time jobs, paying all his expenses, acting as his housemaid) will be eventually repaid with love and gratitude.

I would like to find a companion and someone who is loving, because I think as you get older, the physical side is still very important.

I have been on dating websites in the past, but when you get to a certain age, it’s harder to meet people with the same outlook on life, and looking for someone special can be soul-destroying.

Until last year, I had been in a relationship for five years, which ended amicably.

Now, I have a few male friends, but nobody special.

I was hoping to rekindle the joy of feminine company — the affection and closeness of holding hands is something I have missed, having been divorced for 20 years.

I am a fit 71-year-old and was hoping to meet a recently retired lady who wants to share an active and happy partnership.

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She vows to have her revenge, but Shou simply mocks her and scoffs that the only way she could hurt him would be if she became as famous as he is. The rest of the series follows Kyouko as she determinedly works her way up the ranks of show business, improving her performance skills, making friends and enemies galore, butting heads with talented and handsome fellow actor Ren Tsuruga, and most of all trying to rebuild her life anew now that she's out from under Shou's thumb.I knew that, sadly, Derek had recently suffered a bereavement, and thought I should mention it out of politeness.But he started to tell me before I could say anything.I have never been on a blind date before, so that was very exciting, and the restaurant was very lively and bustling, which was great.In all, it was a very pleasant evening in beautiful surroundings and the food was out of this world. We discussed our likes and dislikes, and I think music seemed to be the one thing we had in common.

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