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There is a performance of Welcome Yule on You Tube by Tenet, a vocal ensemble.

There is also a little bit of the song Welcome Yule!

It can be put in a bird feeder or just sprinkled on the snow. This is a mummers’ song which people sang and acted out.

Some members of the group might be dressed to represent their roles, the “Heaven-king” with a crown to represent the Sun’s rays; and the New Year, dressed in holly.

I had always heard that there were many Christmas songs which were Pagan in origin, but when I tried to find out more about this, I found it very difficult.

As with everything else about Paganism, much nonsense has been written, most it by Christians, but some of it by Pagans.

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Most of the songs are appropriate for both purposes.This endris night I saw a sight, A star as bright as day: And ever among, a maiden sung, Lullay, bye bye lullay.This lovely lady sat and sang, and to her child did say: “My son, my brother, father dear Why liest thou thus in hay?The music is published in the as #39 which references earlier versions of the words to the song going back to the 15th century, and the music to the 15th or 16th century.I give here only the first few verses to show the myth; a complete set of verses is given on the Yule Song Lyrics page.

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