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While large enough to provide educational opportunities in the arts, business, education, engineering and sciences, the University is small enough to keep its student/faculty ratio to 13:1.Our student body is full of diverse cultures, faiths, and interests.In 2015, the University of Tennessee's Office for Diversity and Inclusion issued a memo that advised that the university community should begin using gender-neutral pronouns such as "ze," "hir," "hirs," "zir," zirs," "xem," and "xyr" instead of pronouns like "he," "she," "his," "her" and "hers."The University of Tennessee's memo was denounced by a number of social conservatives, such as leading evangelist Franklin Graham."We're seeing this kind of thing more and more across the country as the secularists and progressives are pushing their godless agenda into our education system and corporate America," Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote in a Facebook post at the time."I know the good people of Tennessee don't go along with this nonsense!

As a result, we are unable to offer any comment or information at this time," said sue the state — asking for the right to offer full degrees without state regulations (except health and safety), as we believe is afforded by the First Amendment of the U. Constitution."Scudder added that the lawsuit was being funded partially by the Scottsdale, Arizona–based firm the Alliance Defending Freedom.According to the IBHE's website, colleges can "grant degrees on the condition that the institution maintains the standards and conditions that were presented in its application and that served as the basis for granting the authorization.""Periodically, staff will review materials provided by each institution, including the institution's most recent catalog, annual reports on enrollments and degrees granted, reports on faculty salaries, student financial aid and default rates," continued the IBHE."If the responses do not establish that the institution is in compliance with the conditions of approval, the institution may be allowed to provide a plan by which it will achieve compliance or revocation proceedings may be initiated."Regarding religious entities like the Bible colleges, IBHE states on their site that religious institutions "are required to obtain authorization to operate in Illinois.""If a religious institution plans to award an associate, bachelors, masters, advanced certificate, or doctoral degree in any field, it must obtain appropriate authorizations from the board.The 11th guideline listed on the sheet states: "Try to use gender-neutral language in your writing.""Do not use the universal 'he' or 'his.' Use he/she or he and she," the document tells students."Do not use 'mankind' when 'humankind' or 'humanity' will do just as well."The Christian Post reached out to Yeh for comment about whether or not a student's grade on the paper would be marked down if he or she chose not to follow the assignment's guidelines calling for gender-neutral terminology. An update will be provided if a response is received.

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