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Leander Sommer, Geselle im Betrieb seines Vaters, hat alles in seiner Hand: von der schonenden Trocknung des ausgewählten Holzes über den ersten Zuschnitt bis zum Feinschliff.

Sie treffen Berberfrauen, die sich zu einer Kooperative zusammengeschlossen haben, in der das wertvolle Arganöl von Hand gepresst wird, und sie berichten über die märchenhaften Altstädte von Marrakesch und Fes.All of that has left Rule convinced that ODR is, indeed, the wave of the future.“I suggest that the next justice system will look more like ODR than courts,” Rule said.Rule maintained that developing an ODR system for e Bay was a must because it would be too expensive to litigate or even arbitrate every dispute in person, noting that very often e Bay transactions would involve a buyer in one country, a seller in a second country and a product in a third country. Modria also powers several state and local property tax appeal resolution centers in locations including Ohio, New Orleans, Atlanta and Durham County, North Carolina.Rule also pointed to growing acceptance of ODR in Europe and Canada, noting that a legal reform committee chaired by Richard Susskind in the United Kingdom recently recommended the use of ODR as a means of resolving low-value civil claims.

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