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Our Section 8 Program, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, enables low-income families in the Charlotte area to rent safe housing that is affordable in the private market through funds provided by the U. Project Based Project-Based Vouchers are a component of a public housing agency's (PHAs) housing choice voucher program.

By enrolling in the program you will receive a voucher that allows a portion of your rent to be paid directly to the property manager or property owner by CHA.

A PHA can attach up to twenty percent (20%) of its voucher assistance to specific housing units if the owner agrees to either rehabilitate or construct the units, or the owner agrees to set aside a portion of the units in an existing development.

Please refer to the following link to find properties with our Project-Based Vouchers: Real Estate Properties Applications for Project-Based Vouchers are accepted at the properties.

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If you are eligible, the current housing authority must mail, email or fax your portability packet to us.

Packet includes: Form HUD-52665, copy of voucher, most recent HUD-50058, income verification forms, family compensation documents, voucher holder’s contact information, and EIV printout.

Once we receive the paperwork, a letter will be sent to the voucher holder within two weeks of receiving the portability paperwork from the current housing authority.

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