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More advanced features like access and session duration control, tips for broadcasters can be enabled and integrated as needed.

Delivery of plain live video stream using HTML5 is supported: as HLS for PC Safari and i OS/Android mobiles, as MPEG-DASH for PC Chrome and Android mobiles.

Before the screen cuts to the part where the elevator goes up, use the emotion "Angry". Note that this can work when your Toon is close to most walls.

Go outside the playground: -------------------------- This glitch is difficult to accomplish, but works.

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The php edition is the easiest choice to setup and run the Live Streaming application on a website and broadcast live video from webcam to site pages.The Cog that was already destroyed is still gone, but there are explosions as if you still destroyed it. Enter abyss: ------------ Go to your room in your house. Your toon will float in the little area beside the elevator. Use it, then while using it before you land, hold [Up]. You should see a little sewer like object that is connected to the pond.If you look to the right towards the stream, you should see one just like it.Screen shots: ------------- When you are doing something that you might want to remember, press [F9] key to take a screen shot. For example, defeat a cog building and go inside that building to see your toon's picture. Now, you need to learn about the "Hit Points" a cog takes away from you. That's why, you should always be careful in battle so the cogs don't get you sad. Now, just a little trick to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs: go to Pajama Place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training"There, you need to say 'Would you like some help?Have all the toons who helped defeat that cog building stand in front of their own picture. Go through wall: ---------------- Occasionally while racing at Goofy Speedway in Corkscrew Colosseum or Screwball Stadium, just after you hit the Turbo (red arrows on track) and you hit the wall. Game strategies: --------------- The Cogs: Cogs are evil robots created by Scrooge Mcduck. They can't take a joke, so to defeat them, ou need to use special thing called GAGS to defeat them. The "Toon Up" gag track heals other toons that have been hit by the cogs. The "Lure" track lures cogs so they don't hit you for many rounds or, they fall into a trap. Sound, makes noise to where the cogs get so annoyed, they blow up. What you have to do is follow along with what the other toons. " to the shop clerk and she'll give you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence Salute.

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